Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Stevington Parish Council preparing a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Act 2011 provides local communities such as Stevington with a unique opportunity to positively influence the how the Parish may evolve and develop in the future

Unlike previous initiatives, once finalised the Neighbourhood Plan has statutory status meaning that the wishes of the village must always be taken in to consideration for all new development within the Parish boundary, any planning application which doesn’t conform to our Neighbourhood Plan would be refused

What if we don’t want a Neighbourhood Plan?

If a neighbourhood decides not to create a plan, then there will effectively be a planning “free for all”. Any developer can purchase a piece of land and can propose a development. If they can show that it is “sustainable” and broadly sensible, then it will be very hard to refuse the application, the village would effectively lose any say in how planning decisions are influenced going forward

How long will the production of the Neighbourhood Plan take?

We anticipate that a draft plan could be ready for village review within 12 months, so possibly as early as March 2016.  The proposed Project Plan is available to view here, we will provide regular updates to the village via the website, letter drops and the village magazine as we pass through the key stages

What has happened so far?

The Parish Council has created a Working Group who will be responsible for the administration of the plan creation process.  The Working Group are currently working on creating a detailed Project Plan for the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan and are putting together material for distribution to the village, this will include a launch event open to all

What happens next?

The next steps will be a launch event in the village, this will be an initial opportunity for everyone to submit their views, speak to members of the Working Group and to get an understanding of how the Neighbourhood Plan works and what it means to the future of your village


Need more information?

A more detailed FAQ document has been provided by our consultant partners Regeneration Positive and is located here (PDF File)

Alternatively, please see the Related Links page of this website that provides access to all of the Neighbourhood Plan related documentation






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